MEETING: CS Southern North Sea
Ghent, Belgium
Start date:
6 September 2011
End Date:
8 September 2011

We (a core group of the Southern North Sea (SNS) Case study participants) met in Ghent to prepare a report about our experiences with and results of testing the MESMA framework, applied to the SNS case study. This will be a contribution of the SNS case study to a WP3 deliverable. As specific feedback for WP2, we will also comment on how the framework could be modified to improve its applicability and efficiency.

We dealt with the two tasks that we had set ourselves for the meeting:
-using the framework and collect all relevant input from the Southern North Sea (SNS) case study and put this together in a document.
-while using the framework we collected feedback in a special form. This is input from the SNS case study to aid future modification of the framework.

We managed to deal with all framework steps/actions, provided the requested input from the SNS, and we provided general as well as framework-action specific recommendations with respect to how the framework should be modified to make it more useful and applicable.

For MESMA participants: A short update of this meeting is available on the sharepoint, for internal use.

Contact person: Christine Rockmann

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