MEETING: WP2 Revision of the manual and Uncertainties
Hamburg, Germany
Start date:
8 February 2012
End Date:
10 February 2012

WP2 Meeting to cover further revision of the manual and Uncertainties.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Uncertainty characterization (definitions fit for MESMA)
  • Uncertainty matrix (table format)
  • Potential methods for uncertainty quantification
  • How to summarise uncertainty?
  • Revision of manual intro text based on comments raised at the WP2 workshop at the GA

The meeting will start at 9 am on Wednesday and will finish Friday noon. Required participants are the CS leaders, leaders of the framework steps contributions (and anyone interested in contributing to the revision), and people contributing (or interested in contributing) to the assessment and reporting of uncertainty (following the presentations in Athens).Attendance of WP representatives would be very useful and welcome.

More info can be found on the sharepoint, click here.